Will my Breast Shrink During Months Post Explant? (photo)

I underwent a simple explant on monday 16 september (3 days from today, still with drains). My implants were 280g over the muscle, 12 years old. I am 38, had a pregnancy after implants. Now I am very happy with the results, but my breast is slightly bigger than before. I'd love to have it even smaller, is it possible to have some shrinkage in the next months? Is there something I can do to encourage it? Thank you in advance.

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More time needed

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You are very early in your recovery.  Your breasts will continue to change as they heal over the next several weeks.  The swelling that remains will go down and your breasts will work to find a balance.  Good luck.

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Removal of Breast Implants

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Hello Valevale- Considering the distortion of your dressings on your left breast, your breasts appear pretty symmetric. Whatever extra swelling that might well exist at this point, will resolve over the next several months and I predict that you will continue to be very happy with the final results. Keeping your breasts supported with something like a sports bra that may also compress your breast would be a good idea (but check with your surgeon).


Mark Anton, MD, FACS
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