Fat transfer in skinny person. (photos)

I need fat transfer to face but I'm skinny. Is it possible to discover a donor site in a person like me? Thank you. 

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Fat Transfer to Face in Thin Individual

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I love results of fat grafting when its done well. I suggest someone who uses water assisted harvesting without centrifugation and with adding PRP. Minimal fat is needed for transfer to the face and usually can be harvested from thin individuals. Fat cannot be used from a different person. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Facial fat transfer requires only small amounts

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fat transfer to the face, even if extensive, requires typically no more than 50 cc of fat or so.  Therefore, skinny people can be candidates as small amounts can be harvested in almost anyone.  the best donor sites, in my opinion, are the flanks or inner thighs for skinnier patients. good luck.

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