How can I treat my Cafe au lait spots ?

Hello, i am 21 years old , and i have neurofibromatosis , i have cafe au lait spots in difrent size spred all over my body and i would really like to treat some of them.I want to treat the small ones that looks almoust like biger freckles wich are on my armpits , neck and face, and other 10 that are in difrent places on my back, buttocks and abdomen , where i can go and make this treatment and what lasser is the best for my condition and an aproximated price and how much would take .Thank you

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Lasers for brown birth marks

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CALMS can be treated, however some respond well to QSL or tattoo lasers. You may need 2-3 sessions. 25% don't respond, and recurrence can be seen. The Picosure does not have the power at 532, the Picoway or Enlighten laser has. See the video below for more info. In that video I used the older nano Revlite laser. Dr Davin Lim 

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