Risk of Heart Failure Because of Breast Augmentation Surgery? (photo)

I am 5'11 tall,141lb and my doctor said the max size he can use is 450cc, silicone.Had the surgery scheduled for today.I got in the operating room and I suddenly got very scared.The doctor came and told me that my heart rate was 170 and that there is no way he will proceed with the surgery.Sent me home and told me to get my heart checked again and come back with a diagnosis.He also said he can't put 450cc in because the weight could cause failure to my heart and the maximum he could use is 375.

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Heart Issues and Breast Augmentation

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I agree with your surgeon if your heart rate was that high then a cardiac consultation is necessary prior to proceeding with your surgery. The volume of the implant does not cause heart failure.

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Risk of Heart Failure Because of Breast Augmentation Surgery? (photo)

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There is a very clear algorithm for someone who presents with that type of tachycardia (high heart rate). You should have your blood pressure checked and the next step is based on whether your blood pressure is stable or not.

Your surgeon was correct in not proceeding with surgery, but you should have had an EKG and further workup on the spot, not sent home to 'come back with a diagnosis.'

If your heart rate was truly 170, it is not from anxiety alone. The size of implant chosen has nothing to do with your heart.

Paul H. Rhee, MD, FACS
Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and your heart

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It is perfectly normal to be anxious preop. That being said I would definitely check in with your PCP. I am unaware of any relationship between heart failure and the augmentation of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

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It is natural to be nervous for surgery, a lot of patients are. I am not sure what he or she is saying about heart failure as that does not make much sense. However, having your heart checked by a cardiologist cant be a bad idea. Once that is settled you can have your surgery with no worries

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