Nostrils asymmetry after rhinoplasty (after 5 months). (Photo)

I am five months after an internal rhinoplasty and I am not satisfied with the shape of my nostrils. From the very first day I noticed a visible asimmetry of my nostrils. I have just discussed about that with my surgeon who said that everything was fine even though I do not see any good change. I know I have to wait at least one year to see the final result...The right side is still swallen and the bone under the right eye hurts when I touch it. Is this condition normal? Thank you

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Asymmetry of nostrils 5 months post op

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Thank you for your questions.

Some patients report tenderness along the bony areas several months after a rhinoplasty procedure. The tenderness is usually along the osteotomy sites. This tends to resolve, and varies from patient to patient.

At 5 months, because of swelling, some asymmetry of the nostrils may be noticeable. The hope here is that things improve with the passage of time as the swelling settles. There are various causes for nasal asymmetry post rhinoplasty, and these can also be addressed using several techniques.

What you need to do is stay in touch with your surgeon who is best placed to assist you.

Pre op photos needed

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It would be important to see if you had some slight asymmetry prior to surgery by studyingg your photos before surgery - most people have a slight degree of asymmetry present - if everything else is fine then such a small degree of asymmetry will not be noticed by people

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