It is deviated septum? It gives me a strange sensation of something in excess being there? (Photos)

I had a closed rhinoplasty in November. My nose was very crooked and big. I now have a bump inside the left nostril, on the septum wall. It is visible when looking from the bottom. After surgery I began to feel there is something in excess there, as if pushing the mucous membrane. I regularly poke my nose as if I had mucus there. Doctors say I have rhinitis but I had no problem before, no itching and discomfort. Please help me what can I do. First picture is before surgery when there was no bump.

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Rhinoplasty concerns

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Obtaining your previous operative note and consulting with a rhinoplasty specialist would be helpful in determining if your diagnosis is indeed correct. If it is in fact a piece of cartilage or cartilage graft that has shifted over time, then a removing it through a closed approach would not result in a significant amount of downtime. Sometimes sharp contour irregularities can result from twisted or deviated cartilage, and if that is the case you may require a more extensive revision to achieve a nice result.

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