Is my incision after rhinoplasty healing properly? (Photo)

I am 10 post-op after a closed rhinoplasty performed alongside a septoplasty. The nose looks great now and it's not very swollen either. I am very happy with it but I am not sure if the middle incision is healing properly, towards the right nostril side - there is a small gap there and it looks like it's some extra skin just hanging off the tip on my right side. Will this go away once the swelling does? I am scheduled to see my doctor 3 weeks from now but I'm worried it'll be too late by then.

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Open rhinoplasty incision

From the photo and the issue you are describing, it appears that you had an open rhinoplasty (thus, the columellar scar).  Your nose is extremely swollen in the early postoperative period and your incision will continue to heal over the next several weeks to months.

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