Can the indentation be fixed through a revision? (photos)

I had knee liposuction 1 year ago .After the surgery i saw that i remained with 2 dents on the upper part of the knee and with 2 saddels of fat in the same area. I have an appointment in 2 weeks for revision liposuction with Laser Lipo, is this procedure good for revision? I would like an oppinion of how would you make it look better .

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Revision Laser Lipo Correction

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Yes these sort of problems happen. They can be fixed with fat grafting under local anesthesia. So basically removing from one area of your body fat and putting it in the area you have the issues and dents. Very common procedure to do. Make sure you interview a plastic surgeon with experience in corrections and that specializes in liposuction deformity corrections.

Fat grafting can help

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Generally fat grafting is the best for depressions in the skin after liposuction. Laser lipo can help with taking down areas of fat and with skin tightening.

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