To Enhance Eyelid Surgeons Before, Can I Do Some Injection of Botox After Two/Three Mounths from Surgery? (photo)

After your comments I feel much better, I thank all of you, you have been so helpfull!! My doctor din't explain me nothing at all. He talked like something easy to do and I would have been more beautiful after one week 10 days. When I went to him after one mounth he sayd that the final result would have been on thwo mounths. Now, at last, I know I have to be patiente. Thank you all P.S. to impruve before, can I do some injection of botox? Thanks for your precious answers.

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Botox is Safe 2 Months After An Eyelid Lift Surgery

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Botox is a safe and effective 2 months after an upper and lower eyelid lift.  Depending on the the place of the Botox, it can be used to raise the brow or smooth wrinkles around your eyes and forehead.  


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