Are There Any Dangers To Taking Serrapeptase?

I am 8 months postoperative following Implant exchange due to deflation of right breast caused by contracture(surgery1998). Implant exchange surgery, with saline 500cc, capsulectomy, now right breast has contracture again. I have read about "rolling out" with foam exercise rollers, taking serrapeptase. Has this actually worked for anyone? Are there any dangers to doing either of these? I already take singular for allergies, will see my ps in 2 weeks to see what he thinks.

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Are There Any Dangers To Taking Serrapeptase?

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Everything has risks, though they seem minor for this product. I have heard of its use for CC, but know of no patients who have used it. 

Report risks are by-in-large minor, and include skin allergy, and a few reported cases of pneumonia. To the best of my knowledge there are no studies demonstrating effectiveness for capsular contracture. Some of the testimonials I looked at were of patients using modalities of treatment, so it would be hard to pinpoint which one worked.

As you plan to do, it is best to discuss with your surgeon..Kind regards. 

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