Roll-Cit Made my Skin Too Thick

I had medical roll-cit done for 8 months ago for acne scars. The doctor rolled my whole cheeks. But my skin has become so thick and course. I thought roll-cit was supposed to improve the skin texture but it is much worse than before. I had thick skin before so was I not a good candidate for this procedure? Is there anyway to thin the texture of my skin? It's so much thicker now that my smile & some facial expressions are different & my nasolabial folds are so much thicker (I'm only 27).

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Thanks for the question.

Our practice has a vast experience with Roll-Cit and I personally have never heard of your particular dilemma. We have seen unparalleled results using Roll-CIT for acne scar management, stretch marks, as well as overall skin crepiness. Seeing a before and after picture would be helpful. It is possible that you're experiencing sub-dermal swelling from the procedure that may contribute to the "thickness" you're describing. My suggestion would be to follow up with your clinician and voice your concerns.

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Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

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