Can Roll-Cit Change the Shape of Your Face?

I know roll-cit is used for acne scarring and lines, etc, but if done on the whole face can it make the face look like its had a mini face lift? Or thin out the shape of the face? If so, would the face ever return to the way it was before the procedure?

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Rolling to a facelift

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NO.  Roll-cit will not at all change the overall shape of your face and will not lift the skin.  It will stimulate some collagen in-growth by damaging the surface of the skin, which will ultimately give you a smoother overall texture, but it won't look anything like a facelift.

Facial shape change with Roll-Cit

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Skin-needling such as the Roll-Cit should not change the shape of your face. It maximally will change the texture of your skin. However, profound swelling can occur which can give the illusion of a facial shape change

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