I have Partially grown moustache, how can I thicken it?

I am 20 and I have thin hairs in my moustache and beard. My father and my brother has fully grown thick black hairs. What is reason for thinner hairs in my moustache? Is this a genetic problem and how can it be cured?

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As you age the density of your mustache hair should thicken much like your father and brother.

20 year old with part mustache

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Many young men want to accelerate their beard growth and ask about it. It takes age (genetic triggers which occur in family lines) so if you want to find out when your beard will grow out, you need to find out when your father or grandfather started to grow their beard. Hormones should have kicked in nicely by the time a man reaches 18 but he must wait out his genetics as hormone alone are not responsible for the onset of beard grown. Beard transplants can be done when the young man is a bit older (over 25) if the beard has not grown in yet

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Beard Growth

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It's still possible you simply aren't old enough to have a full beard, yet. What age were your father/brother when they started having a full beard? Depending on your growth patterns it may be possible that Minoxidil could help thicken it a little but if you simply aren't 'destined' to have a full beard, your only option at that point would be a beard transplant.

Sean Behnam, MD
Santa Monica Hair Restoration Surgeon
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