Had implants placed for teeth 18 and 19 three weeks ago using a surgical stent, can I have a bone graft w/o redoing implant?

Abutments scheduled for Jan 2017. Before they were placed I noticed that tooth 20 had slight mobility due to bone loss; 20's root and tooth are in good shape and my dentist said the mobility is normal. 19 was lost six years ago, a mini implant was placed, a bone graft was not recommend because there was enough bone. I regret not getting the bone graft because of the indentation of the bone for 19 and the approx bone loss of 1mm next to 20. Is it possible to still have the bone grafted with or without redoing the implant for 19?

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Implants, bone graft


In order to give you an accurate advice I need to see the X-ray of implants and the adjacent tooth to determine the bone level. 


Dr. Maddahi

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