Disfigured after explanation due to infection; is this permanent? (Photo)

Five weeks after mentor gel implants under the muscle, I developed a seroma. My plastic surgeon performed another surgery to place a drain which was unsuccessful. At week eight post implant, I tested positive for MRSA and my implants were removed with another drain placed. Today is day two post explanation and my right breast is severely disfigured. This is the same breast affected by the seroma and MRSA. Is this permanent? I am devastated.

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Permanent deformity

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The only way that this can be improved is with replacement of he implants.  That would only be possible after many months.

Disfigured after explanation due to infection; is this permanent?

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I am sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced; your disappointment/frustration is certainly understandable.  You will find that the appearance of your breasts will improve over the course of the next several months and that with good judgment/execution re augmentation plus/minus breast lifting will improve your long-term outcome.

Personally, I think that the management of breast implant infection and/or exposure situation needs to be individualized. In most cases, patients are best served by removing the breast implant involved, with the goal of breast re augmentation many months subsequently. Ultimately, timing of the re operation is best individualized depending on the clinical/microbiology findings.

Factors that I use when deciding when to return to the operating room include:  the nature of the infection present initially ( superficial versus deep, microbiology results…),  how well and/or quickly the patient's tissues "heal" after removal of breast implants,  the patient's physical examination with emphasis on softness/pliability of the patient's tissues…  Generally, if in doubt, best to undergo breast re augmentation later rather than too soon.

Keep in mind, what I have described is based on my personal experience/opinions.  your plastic surgeon, having the benefit of knowing your history and  current situation, will always be your best resource. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with longer-term.

You will be ok

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I am so sorry about the infection and your current condition. It will take time and care but you will be ok. Please follow your surgeons instructions and make sure that he/she is board certified. If your surgeon has no experience with your condition do not feel bad to ask for referral to another surgeon with more experience with revision surgery. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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