Is this typical of Smart Lipo results in the chin area? (photos)

I had SmartLipo on my chin area it's been approximately 3 months now. Is this typical of the results? I feel like it looks worst? I haven't gained weight? Pictures I saw before getting this procedure done looked great. I feel like I wasted my money.

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Smart lipo chin

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It is likely you still have some swelling and possibly scarring that will continue to improve over the next 3 to 6 months. I would discuss this with your surgeon to see if any additional treatment can be done.

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Normally people get better results that these, as long as you haven't gained any weight. You most likely will get better results over time if you lose a significant amount of weight. Good luck.

Smart Lipo

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You likely still have some swelling and need additional healing time.Close follow up with your plastic surgeon during the next several months is recommended. 

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Expectations and results are 2 different things.  I would follow up with my surgeon and go over the pictures and your expectations.

Lawrence Broder, MD
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Thank you for your question. It is great that you have posted progress photos alongside your before photo. You seem to be experiencing swelling that can continue to improve over time. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon for a post op evaluation.Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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