What Could a Rockhard Knot Internally Just Behind my Navelbase Be?

Bellybutton anatomy: I have a normal innie but about 0,6cm internally behind the base is a rockhard knot in the former naveltube, its about 1cmx1cmx1cm in size, i assume my stomachwall is much deeper inside but what is then that thick resisting knot? you can move it slightly when you probe on the belly hard but it seems strongly connected to the inner core somehow? once a doc wanted to inject trhough the button but even the needle bent when hitting that spot which hurt like hell. do you know, any advice?

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“Knot” Behind Navel?

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Thank you for the question.

Without knowing more of your history (for example if you have had previous surgery or not)  and examining you, it is not possible to make an accurate diagnosis.  I would suggest an in-person consultation with well experienced plastic surgeons.  Physical examination and/or imaging studies (ultrasound or CT scan) may be necessary.

Best wishes.

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