Hemifacial spasm vs ? (Photo)

I've been diagnosed with hemifacial spasm however only my cheek muscle flexes when I blink. I've been treated with botox but doesn't last long and I am starting to notice the left side of my face larger because of the twitching..any ideas...next step..I am finding myself really frustrated and depressed aboutit

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Hemifacial spasm

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Botox eventually wears off and repeat treatments are needed. Surgical treatment is microvascular decompression of the facial nerve with a reported 80% success rate and 10% relapse rate. If you are interested in that treatment you should seek consultation with a neurosurgery specialist who has also experience in this type of procedure. Based on your pictures the right side of face seems slightly larger and the left has some volume loss. If left was the one getting the injections some muscle atrophy may occur after repeated injections. Volume can be restored temporarily with hyaluronic acid injections such as Voluma or permanently with fat transfer. Best of luck.

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