Is the gap in my teeth too big to be closed? (Photos)

I've been wearing 6 Month Smiles for 9 months, but I have a large space that's not closing. The tooth in the back is rotated, and my dentist says the space is not going to close unless we can move it around, but the bracket keeps popping off. He also says the gap is too big at the moment for any veneers to look natural. What are my options if they are not able to move the tooth and close any more space? Will I ever be able to get veneers?

Doctor Answers 1

Six month braces

It is hard to tell from the pictures you posted. Closing gaps can be achieved by braces. However, it may require rotation of teeth and correction of root position. Big gaps may require longer treatment times and the use of auxiliaries. The decision about veneers depend on the amount of space you have. If the space is too big, the veneers would not look nice. Good luck

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