Follow-up Question - Help! Will they go down much after 6 weeks post op? (photo)

My whole purpose for getting my breasts redone was to get a smaller Perrier breast after 2 kids. I had a lift and 250/350 cc implants. I told my doctor I wanted to get back to my c size and 6 weeks post op I'm still in a DD. I know I have to be patient but my surgeon said after this point I can only expect a 10% max decrease in size. I'm very unhappy, as I did not want big breasts. So should I correct and spend more $$ or should I still be patient, as it may decrease quite a bit more?? Thanks!

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Unhappy Augmentation Mastopexy

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Hello, Well one of your mistakes was talking about breast size using bra cup sizes; that's a common but very bad idea that leads to the very problem you're having.  Prior to surgery, sizers should have been used in office to determine what size implant would be appropriate. Aside from size issues, I must be honest and say that although your result would not be considered 'below the standard of care', your result is substantially lacking. I would highly recommend you move on, hopefully to an ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon that specializes in complex breast revision surgery.

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Swelling after mastopexy-augmentation

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At this point you are 6 weeks post-op and though you are still healing, I would not expect a size change, certainly not 2 full cup sizes. I would not consider any correction for at least 6 months. At that time you may consider a reduction using the same incisions you have. Best of luck.

Size and shape won't change a lot

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Thanks for your question and the photos. While you are still not complete in your healing, I don't think you will see a huge change. Certainly there will be fading of the scars and perhaps some swelling (5-10%) will resolve but nothing major. Without seeing a preop photo it's hard to comment on what I would have done. Often times it is necessary to add some volume to help fill out the breast envelope if it has stretched a lot. Continue to express your concerns with your surgeon. Best of Luck!

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Smaller implants and breast lift.

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Amber,I'm sorry to reinforce what you have already concluded. After 6wks, I wouldn't expect them to decrease in size a lot. Definitely not 2 cup sizes. They will go down in size some, but not to the degree that you are hoping for. Perhaps it is the orientation of the camera, but there does appear to be some symmetry issues with size, nipple shape, and recurrent droop. Those issues will continue to change (and possibly improve) over the next couple months, so I wouldn't recommend repeat surgery or consultation until that process is complete. Be sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon! 
Best of luck!

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