Almost 3 months post op - how long does seroma last? Is more surgery needed to correct?

On 9/17 I will be 3 months post op. I still have seroma...we tried the serlosing on 9/7/2016 it didn't work I go back every tue and Thursday and I have about 50 cc of fluid.... Tuesday's I have more because there are more days in between. My doctor opted not to put a drain in the day we did the serlosing, because I only had 50 ccs. Please help the budging at the bottom is altering the this normal and do you think u may have to go back to surgery???

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Change in plan

I would call it quits on the conservative approach and go back to surgery, cut out the seroma cavity, place a drain and let it heal definitively.  Nothing is improving and you are increasing your risks with sclerosis.

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Ongoing seroma?

Thanks for your question about seroma. Seroma is very difficult to treat, in some cases, and they do sometimes require surgery to treat when they do not respond to more conservative treatments such as repeated drainage and sclerosing. Since you're 3 months out, perhaps discussing with your plastic surgeon your options now and considering repeating sclerosis versus surgery to remove the seroma cavity would be appropriate. After many months, the seroma cavity is well formed and is less likely to respond to conservative methods. Work closely with your plastic surgeon as best as you can to formulate a good plan. Best wishes always, Dr. ALDO

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