Will insurance cover a tummy tuck or some form of correction due to injury? BCBS (photo)

I have attached a photo for review I was a victim Of domestic abuse a few years ago. I have a GSW to the left abdominal area as well as the groan area with a vertical abdominal cut for exploratory surgery to check my organs for injury. Would it be possible for my insurance to cover a tummy tuck or some type of correction of the wounds

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Insurance

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Medical Insurance MAY partially pay for (subject to co-pays and deductibles) for RECONSTRUCTIVE services (such has hernias / loss of flesh etc). They will NOT pay to improve scarring which appears to be the situation here. BCBS is one of the better insurers out there BUT they issue many different plans and your plan may be better or worse than others.

I would count on insurance NOT paying for this and meet with several surgeons picking one you like and ask each what they think about your issue.
Dr. Peter A. Aldea
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Will insurance cover a tummy tuck or some form of correction due to injury?

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Insurance will not typically cover a tummy tuck even if it is done to correct scarring for a previous surgery. If you have a hernia, it may lessen the cost as some of the surgery may be covered, but the cosmetic portion will still be self pay.

Insurance and tt coverage after trauma

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Hi Rodgers2015.
So sorry that you are a victim of domestic violence, but glad you survived such a horrific experience.
I see that you appear to have an umbilical hernia, and that may be covered by insurance.
Usually insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures which is what you are talking about.  However, if you are having symptoms and can make a case for medical necessity, you may be in luck.
Sometimes some locals have a fund for crime victims, and you may qualify for funding.
All the best, and be safe.

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