Extreme swelling in thighs and bottom? (Photo)

I am 1 week post op, had TT, lipo contouring, lipo of flanks, and fat transfer to hip dips to even out my figure. Wearing abdominal binder 24/7 with foam on my back. I still have a drain. My hips and thighs and bottom are HUGE! My baggy pj pants are tight! My thighs are covered in tiny bumps now. I have great looking legs but they are unrecognizable now. Is this type of swelling normal? First post op appointment is tomorrow. Before and after pics show obvious size difference.

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Swelling after Abdominal/Flank/Hip Surgery

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Dear Mommybug2000, I am not surprised at all that you are swollen 7 days after extensive surgery. Continue use of the garment and foam as directed by your surgeon, and if your swelling continues to be of concern you should contact your surgeon's office and ask to be seen sooner. Good luck!

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