My drains aren't working properly?

Hello! I recently had gynecomastia surgery 4 days ago and the drains were working fine that day. Today, the tubes are filled up with blood but the suctions aren't suctioning them up. How can I remedy this? Also, it appears that my chest is continuing to grow larger (appearing to be more breast like), is this normal?

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Drains Not Working Properly

It is best to call your surgeon and inform she or he of your concern. The sooner, the better. She or he may ask for you to visit their office for an in-person #evaluation. Then the #drain can be cared for. If at any time you have any concern at all about your healing process, it is highly suggested to contact your surgeon to avoid a future infection or impact on your final results.

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My drains aren't working properly?

Thank you for your questions. Please consult with your plastic surgeon immediately.     

Leo Lapuerta, MD
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My drains aren't working properly

Thank you for your question.  Please see your surgeon today for immediate examination. Do not try to fix your drains.  Best Wishes on  a speedy recovery.

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My drains aren't working properly?

Thank you for your question. Do not try and "fix" or manipulate your drains. I recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon immediately.

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Drains After Gynecomastia

Hello. I suggest that you visit your surgeon in order to rule out a hematoma (blood collection). Even with drains working properly, there may be larger than average bleeding in some cases. Although it is common for drains to temporarily clog up and then continue suctioning, the sudden increase in breast volume is not. Your surgeon will be able to better advise with a personal office visit.  

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Based on the information you have shared, I would highly recommend you contact your surgeon.  This does not sound normal.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Drains aren't working

 This doesn't sound normal. The best solution for you is to call your plastic surgeon ASAP via his or her after hours number and get immediate direction and attention 

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