Is it possible to convert to liproscopic Gastric Sleeve after Lapband with Plication; at a Center of Excellence? (Photo)

41 yr. old AA Female..had the following surgeries: 5/12/2012 Lapband surgery (270lb) 5/6/2016 Gastric plication (250lb) LB perf. in Little Rock @ COE; GP perf. in Texarkana,TX LB was performed Lipro. but Dr. in TX said I experienced a bleed and had to be conv. to open surg. w/3 days in hosp. I was told that my body corrected bloodloss but I was given 1pt of blood for good measure. I have exper. extreme buyers regret. I have healed well but only 5lb lost with cardio 3x per week. Please guide

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Conversion of Lapband to Gastric Sleeve

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Yes, it is possible to convert a lapband with plication to a Gastric Sleeve. In fact, we do this all the time. There is a slightly higher risk due to it being a revision, but we perform this revision quite often. With the removal of the lapband, the patients finally have their hunger issue addressed long term instead of trying to slap a belt on something to make it smaller. 

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