Can I stretch my lips after 6 months to try to widen my smile or am I wasting my time? Please see detailed question

I've had the permalip implants. Luv them but I didn't do as much stretching exercises as I should have. Now when I smile it looks weird. The corners of my mouth do not go back ( towards my ears) as much or nearly as much as they used to. So I have a roundish smile if that helps paint a picture at all. Anyway it's been over 6 months. Is the scar tissue as it always will be or can I cont to stretch my lips to get a wider smile now or is it to late? Help me please ? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated !

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Corner of Mouth Scar Release after Permalip Implants

This is undoubtably scar tissue since the entrance sites for the implants are in the inside of the corner of the mouth. At this point it would be more successful to have the scar tissue released and small z-plasties done on the mucosa and then go on mouth stretching exercises after. Trying to stretch out the well healed scar now in the mouth corners is unlikely to be very successful.

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