I'm looking for a possible reason the underside of breasts look like this. (Photo)

Hi. 2 1/2 months post-op mammaplasty reduction; down from an H cup. I just don't understand why the underside of both breasts looks like this, are very sore, and why I'm still so red. The area around the open sores is very tender, I touch it with my fingernail and it feels like I'm being jabbed with a needle. Nipples have healed up okay, scars are obvious but I'm using a vitamin E lotion @ I know it takes time. Just don't understand the undersides. Any ideas ? (Don't see my dr for another month.)

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Underside of breasts

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Hello, thanks for the question and pictures.  It is very common to get what we call "delayed healing" at the "T" junction of the incision for breast reduction.  The wounds do not appear to be infected, and look very superficial and clean.  These small wounds will heal in given time.  I recommend that you keep them a bit moist (the wounds heal more slowly if they dry out) using aquaphor ointment, then covering them with a bandaid or small gauze so that they aren't irritated rubbing on skin or clothing.  Hope that helps, have a blessed day!

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