Silicone breast implants and breast feeding - scared of leaks!

5 yrs ago I had my daughter and enjoyed 14 months of breastfeeding. Shortly after, I had Mentor silicone implants inserted under the muscle. My doc informed me that 3 years post-surgery, I would need yearly MRIs to ensure the implants are not leaking - but I have a baby due this Jan and I can't have an MRI when I'm pregnant, nor can I rush to have an MRI right after birth before I start nursing. Should I worry? Would it be irresponsible to nurse without knowing for sure they're not leaking?

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No rush on MRI

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Hello NYMommy. I appreciate your concern, but there's no rush to get an MRI. The breast implants made today are excellent devices and the risk of rupture is generally very low. I tell all my patients about the FDA recommendations, but make sure to point out that very few patients that I know of actually follow through on these recommendations and get an MRI every 2 years. Since 2006, I have had many patients get MRI for breast implants and have yet to see an actual ruptured breast implant on those patients that followed up with me. My experience may not be the same as other doctors, but it makes me comfortable in telling you that your focus should be the baby right now. Once you're child is born and you're fully recovered, then you can consider getting an MRI. Best, Dr. ALDO

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