Post-op BBL 1year, lumps of fluid collection on my lower back. Will they go away?

I had a sucessful bbl in june 2016 and i am happy with results. I am unable to see my dr because out of state. I have a few lumps on my lower back and went to my primary dr and she did an aspiration of the fluid. The lumps came back again and im not sure will they go away or what can i do? They are a little painful. Is this fat necrosis? What can I do to help?

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Post-op BBL 1year

It is difficult to say what this may be without a physical examination. It is best to follow up with your chosen surgeon via email or phone or your primary health care provider.


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The lumps may represent seroma fluid or fat necrosis. Hard to say without an evaluation.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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See your doctor

I would recommend going to your surgeon so he/she can take a look and possibly drain theses areas for you. Good luck. 

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Post-op BBL 1year, lumps of fluid collection on my lower back. Will they go away?

When did you have your BBL - one year ago or June 2016 (a few months ago)? This makes a big difference. If you PCP was able to aspirate fluid, then it is a seroma. If the surgery was just a few months ago, they will likely go away with proper care (includes continued aspiration, tight compression, professional lymphatic massages, and possibly a diuretic). If the surgery was one year ago, this is likely a permanent cavity and may need surgery to go away. You need to see you PS to figure out which treatment method is best. 

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