Why is my implant abutment loose after only 4 days?

I just got a final restoration on implant of tooth 11. A screwed abutment with cemented crown. 4 days later the tooth is loose. My dentist said the abutment screw is probably loose. He said that he can drill into back of crown to access the screw and tighten it then fill the crown. I do not feel like I should have to have a filling on a new crown after only 4 days and that I just paid $1000 for after insurance. Am I right to demand the crown be replaced. Why would it loosen after only 4 days??

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Total remake at no additional fee

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I'm in agreement with you. I think the dentist should remove the crown and I have a new one made. The abutment could possibly be used and tightened to the right amount of torque, but it would be better to just remake the abutment also since this problem developed within 4 days. A brand new screw should be used with the abutment. A brand new crown should be made to fit the new abutment as well.

Doug Jopling,  DDS
Dallas, TX Area

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