Have fine lines above upper lip, and around mouth. What is the best non invasive procedure for that?

otherwise clear skin 66 yrs old, using the best skin care products.otherwise clear skin 66 yrs old, using the best skin care products.

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Fine upper lip lines: a common presenting complaint

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Among all skin concerns that patients present with, upper lip lines are among the most common and also the most difficult to eradicate.  Patients often say "I have these smoker's lines and I never even smoked!"  The truth is that lines around the mouth aren't related to smoking, they occur due to movement of the underlying muscle.  There is a muscle that surrounds the mouth and tightens like a "purse string," more in some people than others, and this tightening occurs with normal use (talking, drinking and eating).  Botox can be used to relax this muscle, but impairs function to some degree (difficulty drinking through a straw for example).  In my practice, over 20 years, I have found that a few patients are willing to take this trade-off, but most are not. Botox in the upper lip also doesn't last very long because the dose is very small.  The treatments that I most commonly use for upper lip lines are Infini RF microneedling and Restylane Silk.  I also use CO2 laser resurfacing, but that is a treatment with a week of downtime and so it can't be used for "maintenance" treatments in the way that Infini & filler can.  All of these treatments help stimulate collagen production.  The lines won't disappear completely but they will be softened, and I recommend treating at least once a year to maintain the best results over time.

Washington Dermatologic Surgeon
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What is best for fine lines around the mouth?

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Treatment of fine lines around the mouth can often be a combination of treatments.  We often will asses and offer some of the following techniques based on the condition of your skin, the amount of muscle motion, volume loss and texture:  Microneedling, Infini RF, fillers such as Belotero injected directly into lip lines, Botox to control the dynamic lip lines, laser resurfacing.  Each has its place in creating optimal lip enhancement.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip lines

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There are several methods to treat upper lip and mouth lines. Personally, I like the sciton laser and infini to treat these lines. Fillers, fat injections and other lasers are also helpful. Discuss this topic with your surgeon to determine whats best for you.

Robert M. Wald, Jr., MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Facial Aging and Lasers like Fraxel/Clear + Brilliant, RF like VIVA, Peels, Fillers, Skin Care, Face Lift, Fat Injections

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Lasers, microneedling, fillers can all be used to improve this area. Please see an expert in facial contouring and antiaging. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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