Why is the strongest solution of Dysport and Botox not working on me? (Photo)

I have been having Botox & Dysport done for the past 3 years. I get it every 6 months. The 1ST year it took great both Botox and Dysport. The past 3 times I have done it, Dysport twice and Botox once , not a single time did it take. The only thing differently that I can say is that I take Adderrall for ADD. Could this be something that would not make it work? I know about "mosquito bites", but this is what happened to me the last two times . Does anyone have any anwers or recommendations

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Botox and Effect

The photos that you are showing are not typical of an injection pattern after Botox.  You did not give the strength of Botox that was used in the area.  I would consult with an allergist to see if you are possibly allergic and having a reaction.  Please let me know what happens.

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Botox and effect

Without knowing how the injector diluted the Botox, how it was injected, and where it was injected, it is hard to say. Best to ask your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Why is the strongest solution of Dysport and Botox not working on me? (Photo)

The possibility of a resistance to BTN-A is real but very very rare. Best to see allergist/internist to test. Or call the Allergan company research division to help/guide you.. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Have you used filler for your forehead?

The picture does not show normal pattern for the forehead muscle movement. It has ver unusual pattern. Please send us better picture while you are relaxed too. Your previous filler history is helpful. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Know your Botox dose in units

The most important thing to know when you get Botox or Dysport is the dosage in UNITS. Compare the dosage you used to get when it worked for you before, to what you are getting now. If you are using a different physician injector or even your old injector get this information, terms like 'strongest solution' are meaningless unless you know the actual dosage in Units that you are getting. Physicians dilute their Botox differently when thy mix it up. Some use 25 units per cc, others 50 units per cc etc. So you must know the number of units used. Some people do develop some resistance to Botox, but usually it simply means the dosage (in units) has to be increased

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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