Rhinoplasty after 6 months and nose has changed. (Photo)

Hello, I Had rhinoplasty, a chin implant, and ear surgery 6 months ago. Are these changes normal? Are they from myself healing strangely or was it the technique of the surgery? Will the nose like need revision surgery to improve the shape. Ive written my concerns on the images. Thank you for the information.

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Post op rhinoplasty

Thank you for the images you have shared with us.  I agree with some of the previous sentiments - without a full set of preoperative pictures and knowing what was discussed in the preoperative plan, it's hard to give you a complete and thorough answer.  Defining your tip, improving the contour of your nasal dorsum, getting you an elegent nose - its certainly possible.  That being said, 6 months in there is still room for improvement from the original surgery as over the next six months swelling will continue to settle and you will continue to notice changes that may get you where you want to be.  You have certainly not reached the final shape.  Give it time - and if after waiting, you are still not pleased with the final results then you can discuss things with your doc.  Certainly keep him in the loop as they may be able to guide you towards your desired outcome! Best of luck. 

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Rhinoplasty after 6 months and nose has changed.

I see and understand your concerns. Without a complete set of pre-operative photos- it's difficult to provide a complete and thorough answer. That said, there's seems to be room for additional improvement with regard to your intended goals. A more refined tip and narrower dorsal lines- may be beneficial. Give it time- they may appear. If not, after a reasonable time period, re-discuss with your Doctor.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

You are still early in your recovery period. Swelling will continue to resolve as your nose heals for up to 1-2 years. You have not reached your final shape as the nose will continue to heal and reduce in size for up to a year. Once it does reach its final shape you may be more pleased with the appearance of your nose.

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