Do I have gyno? (photos)

I am not in great shape by any means. my body is not very trim, but I can't tell if I have gyno or if I just have "moobs". The pictures aren't a great representation but its as good as it gets. I also wonder if I have gyno because my nipple is particularly puffy, especially for a guy. Thank you very much for your help!

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About Gynecomastia and the Treatment Options

According to official statistics, 36% of adult young men and 57% of older #adult men in the United States have this medical condition in one of the four grades. 
About 200,000 to 3 million cases of #gynecomastia are being reported every single year. So if you have #breast #enlargement and you feel you're an exception, please understand that 1 in 3 young adult #men and 1 in 2 older adult men are just like you and have breast enlargement. 

Several common factors can cause gynecomastia including excessive levels of #estrogen, natural #hormone changes, use of recreational drugs or alcohol, medications and their associated side effects, and, various health conditions. Also, there are different types of #gynecomastia. "Puffy Nipple Areola Complex" is among the most common forms of gynecomastia. This gland and/or adipose tissue accumulation can be located under the areola or can be slightly extended outside the areola, causing the areola to appear dome shaped.This form of #Gynecomastia can be found in all age groups but is more common in young adults.

There are three types of surgical #treatment #options available that treat gynecomastia. Assymetric or Unilateral Gynecomastia appears in either one or both breasts at different degrees. In many cases one breast appears larger than the other. Surgery is a common treatment for this type of gynecomastia. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will recommend the type best suited for you. The most important decision to be made before performing any surgical procedure is determining whether you are an ideal #candidate. 

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Do you have gynecomastia?

Thank you for your pictures. You have an excess fat and maybe some glandular tissue of your chest. In my opinion and you have gynecomastia. Liposuction and glandular resection would be the treatment of choice.  Seek consultation from several board-certified plastic surgeons

Do I have gyno?

Hi there,
Your photos seem to suggest that you have a mild gynaecomastia (grade 1)
the most important indication for surgery though, is how you feel about the condition
the best method for correction is liposuction and gland excision

Karthik Ram, MRCS, DNB
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Do I have gyno?

Hi avc3441,
Thanks for the post and photos. There does appear to be some puffiness of the nipples and areolas. This technically could represent a mild case of gynecomastia. If it is due to breast tissue excess then it will not go away without surgery. If it is due to excess fat then trimming down may help. If it is very bothersome to you then I recommend being evaluated by a plastic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia surgery. If it is not too bothersome, then I would not take it any further.

Dr. Dadvand

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It may be fatty or fibroglandular.   Best to be seen in person to determine what might be the best treatment for you. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I appreciate your concern, but physical exam would be helpful. However, your photo demonstrates possibly mild Gynecomastia which is usually treated by liposuction alone. The scars are small and well hidden. Insurance may or may not cover it, depends on your policy. Check out the link below to an article I wrote about Gynecomastia, as you may find it helpful. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, good luck!

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A good term to describe a case like this is " in the eye of the beholder". Many people would look at it and not even notice it so it's really how you feel about it. If it bothers you enough find yourself a good local plastic surgeon and discuss it. Relatively straightforward to treat through a tiny almost invisible incision inside your armpit with minimal down time. Good luck

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Hi and thank you for your photos.  You have a little bit of "puffiness" behind the areola which would probably qualify you as a mild case of gynecomastia.

Tim Neavin, MD
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Do I have gynecomastia?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Accurate diagnosis would necessitate physical examination. It IS important to differentiate gynecomastia ( excess breast tissue) from lipomastia ( otherwise known as pseudo-gynecomastia or excess adipose tissue of chest wall). Treatment will differ depending on diagnosis. In most cases, gynecomastia is treated with resection of the excess breast tissue; peripheral chest liposuction may also be helpful.

My best suggestion: get into the "shape" you want to be physically. Then if your chest wall is still of concern, seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you will be pleased with.

You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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