Should I look like this after a mini face lift? (photos)

I am 38 and had a mini facelift 7 months ago to help correct acne scars and sagging skin. After my surgery I was pleased with my results but now I look almost the same. Should he consider a revision? I feel like I flushed $5050 down the toilet and now I have scars from the procedure.

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Disappointed with mini facelift....

Thank you for a great question and for sharing your experience and photos.  Facelifting would not typically significantly impact acne scarring which would be better addressed with resurfacing techniques.  The improvement you may have noted initially may have been related to swelling that has resolved.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  I hope you find this helpful. Best wishes!

Consult with a Board Certified Fellowship Trained Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist.

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7 months post op


Thank you for your question and photos. Unfortunately, without pre-photos, it is difficult to guage improvement. I recommend that you meet with your Plastic Surgeon to compare photos and discuss your concerns. If revision is an option, you could begin the process of planning, or talk about non-surgical treatments for scarring such as laser/peel/microneedling.

All the best

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Mini-facelift results

Thank you for your question and for sharing your experience and photos with us.  I'm sorry that you are dissappointed with your results.  It is challenging to provide an assessment without looking at your before photos in the same facial positions as the after position. It is also good to know what was done as there are many variations of procedures that can fall under the umbrella term 'facelift' or 'mini lift'.  I would return to your plastic surgeon and discuss your results with them.  If you want a second opinion, then I would recommend visiting another board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your results and options in more detail.

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Disappointing "Mini" Face Lift for facial acne scar deformity

Dear Poohbear77:

Thanks for sharing your photos. Without seeing your pre-surgical appearance, it is difficult to visualize the improvement.

Acne unfortunately creates "tufting" of the skin to the underlying tissues. Just like a sofa, the tufted point has no fill or in the case of the facial skin a loss of fat. One way to improve the tufted appearance of acne injured skin is to lift the skin off its underlying attachments and unfurl or redrape the skin allowing for thinner tissues to overlie a new layer of fat and therefore re-project the indented scars for a smoother skin surface. My description of this technique would be a "skin-only" facelift. The underlying tissues such as the fat and SMAS particularly along the jawline and jowl may also be lifted to more fully rejuvenate facial balance as would be performed in a traditional facelift. 

A "mini-lift" means different things to different people. To me, it describes a limited undermining of the skin and certainly, not over the cheek mound to the nasojugal fold which is where most of the traction from your acne is located. 

I recommend that you seek a second opinion from a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to examine your concerns and make his or her best recommendations for you. 

Acne scars may also be addressed with: 
  • microdermabrasions,
  • sub-cision and fillers such as Restylane / Juvederm,
  • retin-A (“ZO”, Dr. Obagi's second generation Skin Health therapy),
  • These at-home cream programs are further stimulated with two different types of chemical peels! Use the TCA or ZO Mid Depth Peel for more superficial exfoliation or deeper skin tightening and the VI Peel for light to medium exfoliation with collagen stimulation and pigmentation control.
  • ClearLift is revolutionary in providing 2 non-painful lasers in one to improve texture and soften scarring. 
  • For severe acne scarring, the best way to soften the scarring is with a skin redraping ie. skin-only facelift.
I hope this is helpful and wish you the very best!
Happy Holidays!

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Facelift for acne scarring?

 While a mini facelift can be performed on a younger patient to tighten sagging skin, there should be no improvement at all in acne scarring from this procedure. Acne scarring is best treated with ablative laser 

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Mini Facelift for Acne Scars

A mini facelift is a wonderful procedure for patient that are experiencing early aging of the face and neck.  It can lift and angulate the jawline.  Mini facelifts can be preformed in a variety of techniques.  The technique that I use would not be effective at improving acne scars.

There are many treatments to improvement acne scars including surgery, chemical peels, and lasers.  I would discuss with your surgeon your concerns regarding your mini facelift.  

I hope this helps.  

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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how should things look after mini face lift

 unfortunately the quality and resolution of the photographed you have given us are not great, and the frontal picture does not have a pre op comparison.  Your best bet would be to speak with your own surgeon to determine whether your results are in line with his/her expectations from the surgery.

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there are three areas that we look at to address an aging face:
  1. skin surface
  2. volume
  3. laxity of skin an muscle
A facelift alone will not address your acne scar texture and a mini-facelift only works to tighten lose skin. It seems that you needed a combination approach of skin resurfacing techniques in addition to likely a more extensive facelift to address some your volume loss. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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"Mini facelift" results?

Surgeons & patients alike want the best results possible after facelift surgery and other procedures. Some results are better than others for many many reasons. Realistic expectations are so so important and this begins at the first consultation. But once the procedure is over and the results are disappointing, the best recourse is to discuss this with your surgeon to help not only understand why but also to try to identify possible future options that will lead to greater happiness with the results.

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Minilift results

Depending on the technique used in the minilift, you may be experiencing the limited lifespan of that lift. A full facelift, using standard techniques, should allow for years of improvement.

That said, a facelift alone will not optimize the appearance of your acne scars. It may be worthwhile to discuss other options including laser/chemical peel resurfacing, subcision, removal of icepick scars, and injections. Be sure to consult with a practitioner experienced in acne scar treatment. Good luck!

Mark Been, MD
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