Can I have rhinoplasty without removing my wisdom tooth first? (the tooth has been hurting intermittently)

I have a wisdom tooth growing at right angles with the rest of my teeth on the left side of my mouth and was advised by my dentist to remove it last year, but I didn't coz I was too scared to. Now, it has begun hurting me and, at the same time, I have pain in the left ear as well. I wonder if the two are related. I am hoping to undergo a septoplasty and rhinoplasty in a couple weeks. Should I just ignore the ear and toothache and get my wisdom tooth removed a few months later?

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Rhinoplasty or Wisdom Tooth

Hi Sabrina,

While it will depend upon your priority, but I highly recommend considering the dental issue first as Rhinoplasty is an elective procedure and if you are not experiencing any breathing issues for the septoplasty, it can also wait. However, even if you do the septorhinoplasty first, it will not have any bearing on your wisdom tooth.

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Rhinoplasty and wisdom tooth

I would perform the two procedures at the same time.The recovery will be easier and faster. If the socket becomes infected while you are recovering from the septoplasty it might become very inconvenient.If you can not find a surgeon who would do both procedures at the same time I believe that the wisdom tooth is your clinical priority.Better safe than sorry.With best regards,

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