Is Coolsculpting procedure ok if you have had a hernia repair, 14 years ago?

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Is Coolsculpting procedure ok if you have had a hernia repair, 14 years ago?

Thank you for your question. If your hernia has healed well, it should be fine. However, I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. This way, you can explain your concerns, learn more about the procedure, and determine if you are a good candidate. An in-person assessment is always best. Regards, 

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If your hernia repair was successful and healed well, there should be no problem having CoolSculpting.

While CoolSculpting should not be done on a person with a present hernia, if your hernia repair was successful and healed well, there should be no problem having CoolSculpting. Be sure to tell your CoolSculpting provider about your history before proceeding, though.

William Groff, DO
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Don't Write Off CoolSculpting

While I applaud you for considering your past hernia surgery before undergoing CoolSculpting, 14 years between procedures should be ample time — provided those 14 years have been medically uneventful and you do not have a surgical mesh from your hernia repair. Be sure to bring copies of your records with you to your CoolSculpting consultation, and meet with the supervising physician rather than a nurse or aesthetician (most doctors delegate administration of CoolSculpting to a variety of employees). By taking these precautions, you can ensure you're doing your part to get the best results possible. Good luck!

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Be Careful With Mesh

There are a few different factors involved in determining the safety and success of a CoolSculpting procedure over a surgically repaired hernia. Most important is whether there is surgical mesh present. To maintain your own personal safety and the integrity of the repair, I'd advise against having CoolSculpting performed on your abdomen if your hernia was repaired with mesh. However, if your surgeon used another technique and you haven't experienced any complications since then, your procedure will likely be successful. Please contact the office of the surgeon who performed your hernia repair to learn more about the technique he or she used if you aren't sure. I also recommend speaking with the supervising physician of the clinic where you're thinking of undergoing CoolSculpting. He or she can offer you a physical examination and review your records to ensure your safety.

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Coolsculpting and Hernias

If the hernia is repaired there is no reason why you cannot have coolsculpting or a noninvasive treatment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Hernia Repair and Coolsculpting

As long as your surgeon gives the medical clearance for you to have the procedure performed then you can go ahead with the Coolsculpting procedure.  I would advise against it where there is mesh in place for the abdomen.  However, other areas such as the neck, thighs, etc. should all be fine.  Best, Dr. Green

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Coolsculpting after hernia repair

Coolsculpting should never be done over an untreated hernia, a scar or an area where mesh has been placed to support the deep closure.  So if you had an uncomplicated successful hernia repair without mesh of the groin or umbilicus (belly button), you should be able to get coolsculpting for fat in other areas of the abdomen that do not include the scar.  

The key is that the physician evaluating anyone for coolsculpting should do a physical exam to make sure there is no hernia in the area to be treated.  If there is any concern about the current physician exam or the surgical history, then the patient should see his or her internist or general surgeon to confirm before going ahead with treatment.  

I hope this answer was helpful.  Lots of luck!

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Cool Sculpting and hernia

If the repair from  14 years ago is still intact, meaning the hernia is gone and has not recurred,the Cool Sculpting should be able to be performed.
it is important that you consult with an office that has a plastic surgeon ( as opposed to a SPA )supervising the Cool Sculpting so the right decision can be made.

i recommend highly a consult in the office of a BOARD -CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON , so that you get the best possible care .

Michael H Wojtanowksi 
Cleveland , Ohio 

Michael H. Wojtanowski, MD
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Coolsculpting & Hernia Repair/Hernia

Thank you for your question as it highlights the importance of consulting with the most well trained and experienced doctors in the specialty of care that you are seeking.  If he hernia is well healed and has not recurred, then it is safe to coolsculpt in the area.  If the hernia has recurred or the repair is incomplete, it could pose some risk. The device vacuums up the skin and fat and freezes it to cause death of the fat.  Theoretically, it could also suck up the contents of a hernia sac and freeze it also.  If you have fat on the abdomen, it can conceal a hernia quite well.   A good physical examination from a Plastic Surgeon would help you to answer this question definitively.  If you have the procedure done by a doctor or allied health provider who is not experienced in a thorough abdominal examination, then you could be putting yourself at risk.  The other option is to go back to your hernia surgeon and get clearance from him or her on whether it is safe to proceed with coolsculpting.  Hope this helps.   Best wishes!

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Coolsculpting after a hernia repair

Coolsculpting is not recommended for patients with hernias.  If the hernia was repaired, there shouldn't be a hernia anymore, so that should make treatments fine.  The best thing to do is to check with a plastic surgeon who provides Coolsculpting to make sure it is safe to proceed.  As surgeons, plastic surgeons will be best able to determine if a hernia is present that would prohibit safe use of Coolsculpting.  Best of luck.

Jason E. Leedy, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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