My tooth is cracked in the inside. How can I treat it?? Or what can be done?

I was at work and I picked up a chair to move it and the chair hit me in my face and hit my tooth and it seems to have crack inside the tooth but not on the outside. What can I do??

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Cracked Tooth

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I am sorry to hear about your accident. I am assuming that your dentist told you that your tooth was cracked on inside. To give you a little more information on what could be done I first would like to know if you are symptomatic or have any pain, pressure or any other bothersome symptoms. There are several things that could be done.

1. Nothing, if there are no symptoms. Observation with radiography and exams to make sure there is no infection in the future and nerve hadn't died from impact.

2. Endodontic treatment, meaning removing the nerve and cleaning the tooth out if you are symptomatic and tests show nerve is dying or had died already. This procedure may or may not require crowning the tooth as well.

3. And lastly and hopefully the least viable option is removing the tooth if the crack is mobile and part of the tooth is dislodged.

Please don't hesitate to post any further questions and you need any more clarification. I hope you do go see your dentist if you haven't done so already. Thank you for being a part of RS.

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