Removal of muscle repair after tummy tuck?

At 3 months po. Having muscle repair removed due to extreme pain. Have had ct and messages with no relief. Any doc in this website has removed sutures muscle repair sutures . I have seen on the post a person had her muscle repair removed after 5 years and they cut her muscle to seperate it. Please i need help. My surgeon willing to do it but prefer to see someone that has done it befoe

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Muscle tightening with tummy tuck surgery #plasticsurgery

Patients do experience some pain associated with muscle tightening after tummy tuck surgery - its possible some of your sutures have tore your muscle and fascial tissues a bit and are causing pain.

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Pain After Tummy Tuck

Your pain is normal...for a certain amount of time after surgery.  If you are not getting better with time, it may be time to consider doing something to reverse the muscle tightening.  I have performed this procedure in a patient who gained some weight after surgery with some relief of her symptoms.  

Nobody can give you a 100% chance of relieving your pain, but with a careful exam and history surgery could be beneficial.

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Removal of muscle repair after tummy tuck?

I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing after tummy tuck surgery.  At this point, 3 months after surgery,  the sutures used to plicate the abdominal wall muscles can certainly be removed.  Hopefully, this procedure will alleviate your pain.  As you know, abdominal wall distention (back to your preoperative status) may result.  I have done this for a patient who did experience relief of discomfort;  I am hopeful that you will have the same experience.  Assuming you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon, he/she will be fully capable of helping you. Best wishes.

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