O shot - would I be a candidate?

I have normal hormone levels and am in my early 30s with low sex drive little or no pleasure from sex and the inhability to orgasm. Used to have orgasms years ago but then they just stopped. Would I be a Candiate for the o shot? How long does the o shot last?

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You would be.   PRP can help stimulate sensation and improve your ability to have an orgasm. (Hence the name O-shot). Actually there is a significant percentage of women that do not have orgasms. 50% of women report  to have some element of "sexual dysfunction" so you are not alone .There are a lot of success stories with the O-Shot. 

I've also seen a lot of success in radio frequency treatment of the vagina (ThermiVA) as well. I have treated a few women who have never had an orgasm , and were able to achieve one with a single ThermiVA treatment. With two good options for success, the combination treatment, Thermi-O could be a solution to your problem. The longevity of the procedure varies , but is an average of one year. 

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It sounds like you might be a good candidate for the o-shot. How long it lasts is variable 6-18 months. It is always important to go for a consultation with an expert in the field. 


there are many reasons for this to happen. assuming good health, no infection or anatomic abnormality, the o-shot could work wonders for you. the procedure is virtually painless and response can be quite quick. as to how long it lasts, this can be very variable but i am finding minimum 6 months but for many, much longer.

Rick Balharry, MD
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O-Shot Candidate

It sounds like you are a good candidate for the O-Shot.  I have had many patients who have underwent this procedure, and have benefited from the O-Shot.  It is best to go for a consultation to review all the benefits from having this procedure done. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Go for it!

Absolutely!  The female orgasm is part of normal, healthy, sexual function.  There are several factors that could contribute to your condition.  Platelet rich plasma injections from your own blood are injected to the area surrounding the clitoris (and sometimes to the clitoris itself), activating essential nerve growth factors which can contribute to getting your orgasm back.  Go for it!


It sounds like you would be a great candidate for the O shot.  It involves a blood draw to isolate out your body's own platelets.  These are then injected into two different areas in and around the vagina/clitoris.  The effects can last for several months.

Christopher Balgobin, MD
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O Shot Candidate

Yes, you are a candidate for the O Shot.  An interview and examination would reveal more specifics. The O Shot works about 80% of the time and some women need a repeat injection.  The duration is patient dependent.  The first one I performed in 2013 is still working and others have required a repeat within a year's time.  Since you used to have orgasms, that is reassuring.

Leslie Pickens, MD
Alexandria Emergency Medicine Physician
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O-shot and orgasm

Thank you for you question.  You may be a good candidate for the O-shot as you used to have orgasms.  The procedure can last anywhere from several months to over a year.  As this is a biologic process, it may take a few weeks for this to take effect.  However some women will experience an immediate change in their sexual enjoyment.

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If all your hormone profile is normal and there is no significant depression in your life, I highly recommend the O-Shot.  You should notice results within the first two months.  Most people will offer a money-back guarantee if you have no change.  Most people will come back for more!

Samer Muala, MD
Phoenix Family Physician
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O-Shot Candidate

Using the O-shot to stimulate the formation of new collagen and blood vessels, a majority of patients experience increased sensation and ability to climax. The shot can last anywhere from 8-16 months depending upon the patient. Cheers!

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