Assistant in surgery?

Had tt with muscle repair. I record op report as I am having 2nd opion. In the op report it states surgeon was the surgeon and assistant. I do remember that his medical assistant was there but she is not in the report why. Only him and the anesthesiologist. Is this appropriate.

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Surgeons and assistants

Hi flores

I don't see anything wrong.  It is unusual to list yourself as the surgeon and the assistant, but nothing especially disturbing or "wrong" with that.  The medical assistant may be just that- an assistant.  She may not be a nurse or scrub tech, and therefore, she may not have participated in the actual procedure, and therefore, it would not be appropriate to list her.

I do all my tt's by myself, as do many if not most ps's, so this too is normal.

Hope this answers your question clearly, and that whatever the issue is with your tt, I hope that works out to your favor.



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Assistant in surgery?

A certified surgical assistant or first assistant is in addition to the scrub tech. It is very common to have just the surgeon and scrub tech scrubbed in and an anesthesiologist and circulating nurse in the room. The scrub tech, circulating nurse and anesthesiologist are not dictated into the op note. When you use a surgical assistant you do dictate them in the note. 

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Surgical assistant

Surgery is a team approach, there are usually at least 3 or 4 people involved in any procedure, sometimes more.  If a co surgeon is involved, which is unusual in a cosmetic procedure they would be on the operative report. Otherwise the surgeon and anesthesiologist are the only physicians and the only ones listed on the report. Hope this helps, Jane. 

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Thank you for your question. It is normal that only the Surgeon and Anesthesiologist are listed in the forms.Best of luck 

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Assistant in surgery?

Yes, what you are describing is appropriate.  The name of surgical technicians or "medical assistants" involved in your case are not necessarily listed on the operative report.  Best wishes.

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