Im ready to have my implants removed and a revision lipo to my abs. (photos)

I was a small C cup pre BA. What is the best way to go about this? Should I have the implants drained first to give my breast time to shrink ? How much time before the capsule n implant can be removed and do a lift. ? Or is it best to do it all at once? Would I be a candidate for a lollipop lift.? Can I also do the lipo on the same day as explant and lift?

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Implant deflation, removal, lift and fat grafting

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You can have your implants deflated under local anesthesia and then have them removed after two weeks( if they are saline implant). You will have option of implant removal, lift and fat grafting to give you better shape. The fat from liposuction can be used for fat grafting. Please see the link

Implant removal and abdominal liposuction

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These are all great questions and as other surgeons have pointed out there are multiple options. A visit with a board certified plastic surgeon would be well worth your time. Your question about combining implant removal and abdominal liposuction is timely. More and more surgeons are offering fat grafting to the breasts after implant removal to improve the shape and appearance. The fat could come from your abdominal liposuction. In the best case scenario you may not even need a lift. Good luck.


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Im ready to have my implants removed and a revision lipo to my abs.

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Thank you for the question. You will find that there are many different ways to approach your "situation".  In other words, it is extremely common to receive different opinions from different plastic surgeons about the best way to treat a specific “problem”. Each plastic surgeon may have his/her opinion that is based on their specific/unique education, experience, and personal preferences. Their opinions may also be shaped by unfavorable results they have encountered in their practices.  

Although these different opinions can be confusing and a source of anxiety for patients, it is good for patients to understand the different options available. Ultimately, it will be up to each patient to do their due diligence and select their plastic surgeon carefully. 

 My best suggestion: seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the  types of outcomes you would be pleased with. Then, communicate your goals carefully as well. Learn about the pros/cons associated with all options discussed.  If I were you, I would ask to see as many examples as possible of similar patients who your plastic surgeons have helped.
 Best wishes.

#Explant #BreastImplantRemoval - implants removed and a revision lipo

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There are no absolute answers and you may want to see a few different board-certified plastic surgeons in person for a full assessment.  If they are saline you can certainly have them drained first and then give it some time before doing a lift.  Doing a staged procedure (whether be deflating or removing the implants, and then waiting a few months - like 6 - before proceeding) has many advantages, but it does mandate, by definition, two procedures.  And some patients don't want that.  If you're willing, then there's a lot to be said for it.  Either way, you should be able to have some lipo done during one or both of the procedures.  I hope that this helps and good luck.  Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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