Q#2 Capsulorrhaphy: 2 1/2 months post op, Left breast shifted towards my armpit. Shall I take care of my current implants?

Per consulting PS I need Capsulorrhaphy. My PS is in denial, wants me to wait, hasn't given me absolutely any instruction re what to do. I am 2 mon post op. I have to wait min 6 mon to have revision. Shall I continue to take care of my implants such as massage, wearing supportive garments, stop running, workout, or shall I just forget it all, relax and enjoy my life since I will get a revision? I am petrified tht my other breast will fall apart and I will be in more trouble. Pls advise. Thanks

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Capsulorraphy for Lateral Displacement?

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It is a pretty standard recommendation to wait 6 months before having a revision to ensure that everything has thoroughly healed. On the other hand, lateral displacement or malposition is not something that gets better with time, and it may get worse. You should continue to wear a bra as that may help to prevent the problem from getting worse. Massage is of no benefit and it can potentially only contribute to the problem. I do not have patients routinely do massage. It is unnecessary, it is uncomfortable, it can potentially lead to overstretching of the implant pocket, and it does not prevent capsular contracture.

Timing of Capsulorrhaphy

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It is good to wait at least three months to let the capsule form completely and be sure the opposite side settled correctly.  After that you can go in and correct the issue in most cases.  I think to go in before that is a mistake.  Waiting six months will not hurt you but is probably a little long.

Future capsulorrhaphy ?

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Without photos and an exam advice can only be generalized.

I would encourage my patient to wear appropriate support and based on examination recommend for or against massage exercises.  There is a remote chance (though very small) that a capsule will form repositioning the implant if you wear a supportive bra continously so I would recommend that you follow your treating surgeon's recommendations at this point.

Best wishes.

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This is difficult to answer without an exam or at least pictures. That being said if you do too many high impact exercises without good bra support then you could run the risk of creating problems with your right breast.  I would just say wear good bra support at all times and very supportive bra with any high impact exercise. Best of luck to you

Don't Need to Massage

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No, you should continue wearing a bra. That's all you need to do anyway. Working out and running are all part of the normal post operative process. Massage is utterly unnecessary for anybody at anytime in the recovery period. If your surgeon isn't a ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon that specializes in revision breast surgery, you should go on a few second opinion consultations with those that are.

Best of luck!

Q#2 Capsulorrhaphy: 2 1/2 months post op, Left breast shifted towards my armpit. Shall I take care of my current implants?

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I'm sorry you are having that problem. Avoiding the activities you enjoy in life should not be necessary. Our patients are back to full activities including athletics by 8 weeks postop without problems. Revisions are typically considered by most plastic surgeons at 3 months. Perhaps you need to consider another surgeon for your care if you are dissatisfied with your current one. 

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