Had moles removed with laser, should i keep area moist with ointment Or let it air out and heal naturally?

Hi, I recently had 3 small flat facial moles removed by laser. My doc advised that I apply "Vaniply" he provided me with, & told me to apply some once every hour. I continued to apply some for the first 2 days. Its been 3 days now but im not sure if I should keep it moist? Should I let it air out, and heal naturally? So far the area is still red. I Dont want any scars. Should I keep it moist & continue applying "Vaniply" (if so, how often, for how long?) Or just stop making it moist. Thank you

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Mole Removal Aftercare with silicone scar gel

I suggest to follow your physicians protocol for post-treatment care, as his/her protocol may vary from mine. I have my patients use a silicone based scar gel with growth factors.   Best, Dr. Emer

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