How long are foams required to stay on and do my foams look alright? I just had lipo/bbl on 11/25/2014 (Photo)

I woke up with foams all over the lipo suctioned areas and compression garment over (black) along with a abdominal corset type (white piece). I love my doctor, my experience and going through the pain and swelling with realistic expectations BUT I am very disappointed with the garment used and the placement of the foams. I am also not happy this far with the shape of my buttocks. I talked to my doctor on 11/26/14 and he said it was fine and that the real results of butt yet show due to swelling

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Question about garment and foam after your BBL

You seem to have some questions or concerns about your foam and garment after your BBL, as well as the shape of your buttocks. Every surgeon has a different technique and only the ultimate results matter. I perform 6-8 BBLs per week and after 300+ BBLs per year, I have learned what works best for me. I use a much different garment and also use foam, but place it differently. Again, my technique works for me and your surgeon's technique may work for him/her. You need to discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and if you are not happy after you heal, perhaps you should consider seeing someone for a revision. 

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Postop BBL

You are early on in the post operative stage of healing. Each surgeon has different guidlines on postoperative garments and care. Ensure you follow up and seek advice from your chosen surgeon. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Garments and recovery after BBL

It is necessary to have a garment during the postoperative period, particularly for the first three weeks. Foam is also commonly used as it helps to focus pressure on the areas treated to control bruising and swelling. It is way to early to determine your final cosmetic outcome. Make sure you stick with your maintain trust in your surgeon and stick to the recovery recommendations; each surgeon has worked out a process that works for them.

Joel Patrick Maier, MD
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