Femilift v. Vaginoplasty

I am 45yo with 4 vaginal births i want work done to tighten my vaginal wall, I want to know what the differences between a femilift and vaginoplasty?

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FemiLift vs Vaginoplasty

Thank you for your question. FemiLift is non-invasive procedure treatment which involves a thermal laser that is sent into your vaginal tissues without any incisions, needles, or surgery. The thermal heating created by this FDA-approved laser encourages your tissues to naturally tighten, but also causes them to generate collagen and elastin. Vaginoplasty is a surgical, invasive vaginal tightening procedure. I recommend getting a in person consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.  

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Femilift vs vaginoplasty

Femilift is a non invasive laser treatment that improves laxity to the vaginal mucosa, treats dryness, discomfort, improves sexual response, and helps with stress urinary incontinence.  It is essentially pain free, with almost no downtime.  Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure used for much more severe cases of laxity or other disorders of the vagina itself.

Steven S. Carp, MD
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Both good options

Femilift will lead to a moderate tightening of the vaginal tissues, as well as improved tissue quality and lubriction.  Substantial tightening of the vagina will require surgery.

Nicholas Fogelson, MD
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FemiLift vs. Surgery

FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure.   It’s about a 10 minute in-office treatment that is tolerated extremely well, with the only “down-time” being nothing in the vagina for 3 days after the procedure. A vaginoplasty is a surgery, which often means a greater risk, more severe downtime, and can be necessary to achieve a more dramatic result in extreme cases. Please visit your OBGYN to get clearance for either procedure and ensure you visit a licensed medical doctor to receive treatment.

Nicole Hayre, MD
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FemiLift ("non-invasive") versus surgical vaginoplasty/perineoplasty for vaginal tightening

Thanks for your important question. Unequivocally, FemiLift WILL NOT produce any significant tightening, re-build the pelvic floor, vaginal opening or aesthetically change the perineal opening, or effect improved orgasmic pleasure of friction during intercourse or improve the contact & pressure of a penis or toy against the anterior vaginal wall/G-spot area. YES, FemiLift will help with mild incontinence and produce some "springiness" in the far upper vagina, but any practitioner who tells you that it will help tighten the vagina of a woman with 2, 3, 4 vaginal childbirths is someone who does not know HOW to do a surgical tightening, has bought an expensive instrument, and is trying to pay for it!
Find an experienced cosmetic gynecologic surgeon who is skilled in vaginoplasty and perineoplasty. This person may also have capability to perform FemiLift/MonaLisa/ThermiVa, and may combine these "non-invasive" technologies WITH SURGERY for a more effective result. Perhaps as well you will find a practitioner (Dr. Red Alinsod in La Mesa, or myself in Davis in Northern CA) who dose their surgery under local anesthesia, saving you  $3000 in hospital fees!

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Michael P Goodman, MD
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FemiLift versus Vaginoplasty is like Botox versus Facelift

With regard to vaginal tightening: one is temporary with mild effects and costs less, the other is long-lasting with much stronger effects and costs more. There is a place for both procedures and there are points in time where one option makes more sense than the other. The missing piece of the puzzle for an informed decision is the condition of your vagina. If everything is extremely loose and sagging, only surgery will work. You'll get the most objective answer from a surgeon who offers both procedures.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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Femilift versus ThermiVa

Thank you for sharing your question with us.Congratulations on having a large family, however after 4 vaginal deliveries I suspect that more then likely there is some component of prolapse which will need to be addressed.In order to properly address prolapse and create a longer lasting and more successful procedure then I would recommend a vaginoplasty performed by a cosmetic gynecologist who can address the prolapse as well as tighten and rejuvenate the look of your vagina.Although the Femilift is an amazing device that we use frequently use in our practice, it will not address and treat significant prolapse.  However it will help with moderate vaginal tightening, vaginal atrophy, improves lubrication and helps to correct mild to moderate stress incontinence.We often combine both therapies in cases like yours, especially if there is a component of urinary stress incontinence associated with what is going on.

David Ghozland, MD
Santa Monica OB/GYN
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