Brown Spots/moles on Breast Will They Expand?

I have brown spots kinda like moles on the lower part of my breast. (I've had them since my last pregnancy 9 years ago!) Having a hysterectomy even made them worse :/ Anyways I am getting a BA in less then a week. I just want to know If they are going to expand?? horribly :( I wish They would just go away

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will expand your breast tissue so they will be spread out a little more if the lesions are on your breast itself.  But it won't cause it to grow any larger beyond its natural history if that is what you're concerned about.

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Brown spots on lower breast

 Hi and thanks for the question. Expansion of breast soft-tissue via a breast augmentation may indeed cause expansion of the spot. I would need more information ( photo ) to give you a better idea. 

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Moles/Spots on Breast


The skin will expand with swelling and depending on the size of implant inserted. You may find that the pigmented areas expand as well. Talk with your Plastic Surgeon about topical or laser treatments you could consider for this concern after you've healed from your BA.

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Brown Spots/moles on Breast Will They Expand?

If the brown spot is raised above the level of the skin and is a mole is unlikely that breast implants across its expansion.  However if it is a pigmented area and flat and within the skin it may expand slightly.  Be sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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