I'd like to address or ask some of the doctors about the following comments regarding, "Breast Implants NOT causing cancer."

Could the FDA's publication could be incorrect? "Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) In Women with Breast Implants" “Breast Implants DO NOT cause cancer Breast implants have been ewxtensively studied. They do not cause cancer. Mark D. Epstein, MD Stony Brook Plastic “Again, Breast Implants DO NOT cause cancer.There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that breast implants cause cancer.”Dr. P. Aldea Memphis Plastic Surgeon December 31st, 2015 No implants do not cause breast cancer. Jeffrey Zwiren, MD

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Breast Implants and Cancer

There is a huge difference between causality and association. 
No scientific study to date has shown that having breast implants leads to or causes cancer. With millions of women having breast augmentation every year one would expect a spike in cancer rates in that population if their was a causal relation. There does not appear to be one. 

Is there an association however loose or distant between implants and cancer? Until recently, the answer would have been a resounding no. However, in scouring the workd's data bases there seems to be a very very very remote association between textured silicone gel filled implants and a rare form of cancer ALCL. 64 cases out of millions of women  However, this ALCL, unlike the non implant ALCL, goes away once the implant is removed.
clearly not the same disease. 

Peter Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Many variables

It will be difficult for you to get an exact answer to your question because the type of cancer you mention is just now being actively studied and data is being collected. It may be several years before the final answer is in but we will continue to build on our extensive knowledge of implants, their benefits, and their risk.

Also, remember that there are many different kinds of implants. For instance, are the risks the same for both smooth and textured? Cohesive and non-cohesive? Manufacturer related? Lots of questions, lots to learn.

The augmentation is still very safe. Your board certified plastic surgeon will be able to discuss all of this issues in detail to your satisfaction, I hope.

Best of luck.

Leland Deane MD
Babylon, NY

Leland Deane, MD
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Breast Implants Do Not Cause Cancer

I have performed thousands of breast augmentations.   To my knowledge, they do not cause cancer.  There is no evidence that they do.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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