Is It Risky to Perform a Breast Uplift at the Same Time As Implant and Capsule Removal?

I want my silicone gel implants and capsules removed as I have had them for 16 years and believe they are making me ill. They were done on the nhs when i was 20 as i had saggy, asymetrical breasts. I have seen two plastic surgeons who differ in their opinion and would like to know which is best option. I know i would not be happy without the uplift as i was unhappy before I ever had implants. I would also like to minimise surgery and recovery time.

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Implant removal and a lift at the same time.

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Be very careful with this combination. With the implants out the breast will contract some. In small to medium breasted women some times back to their preaugmentation appearance. Think of how some women can expand their abdomen with a pregnancy and then contract to almost the exact prepregnancy shape. The ideal situation would be to remove the implants, which many times can be a local office procedure, and then have the breast lift 3 months later. The experience of the surgeon is really important here, perhaps more so than in any other breast procedure. When you have your breast lift and your surgeon measures your new nipple position in centimeters you do not want  your breast skin to contract after surgery. You may have your nipples to high, pointing upward, a very difficult problem to try and correct.  

Combining lift, implant and capsular removal

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It is possible to perform a breast lift at the time of implant and capsule removal.  However, if at the time of implant and capsule removal there are signs of infection, the surgeon will not want to do a lift.  A lift requires extra dissection and could spread infection.  However, without the presence of infection, implant and capsule removal and breast lift can all be done.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Breast Lift and Implant Removal

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It is possible to remove implants, do a capsulectomy and breast lift during the same surgery.  You have not mentioned whether the implants are above or beneath the muscle.  This is important because there is a greater risk of blood supply issues if the implants are above the muscle.  This is especially true if you smoke or are diabetic.  With respect to your health concerns I, obviously, cannot comment with specifics other than to say there is no scientific evidence to suggest the implants cause medical problems so make sure you discuss your concerns and goals very clearly with your surgeon to minimize the potential for disappointment.

Simultaneous Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

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It is more challenging to do breast augmentation and mastopexy. If one performs these procedures on a non-smoker with a moderate amount of breast tissue and is using smaller implants, less than 250cc’s, placed subpectorally with maximum preservation of the central pedicle this can be done safely in this sub-group of patients.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Can it be done at the same time?

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Breast implant replacement or breast augmentation themselves, are very straight forward operations, likewise a mastopexy is very straight forward.  Combining these two operations brings in different elements of expanding the pocket and at the same time shrinking the skin volume.  Prior surgeries interfere with circulation to the breast skin and nipple areola complex.  Obviously implants that are directly under this tissue, such as subglandular, have more difficulty with revisions. There is an element of risk to poor healing or tissue necrosis, combining these two procedures.  However, with care, it is possible to do these procedures, it essential to find a surgeon with the experience and capability to perform this operation.


Michael C. Fasching, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Lift and implant removal

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Depending upon what needs to be done will determine the risk.  But often, a lift can be done after implant removals.

Implant removal

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Thank you for the question.


I would recommend to do it in 2 stages. Remove the implants (no need to temove the capsule)  and 1-2 months later do the lift. It is very difficult to plan the lift while the implants are in place. Additionally, the breast tissue will contract after the imlants are removed and that can distort the breasts with the lift.


Best of luck,


Dr. Widder

Lift and implant replacement at same time

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Yes, you can certainly have the lift, implant replacement and capsule removal all at the same time. However it must be done carefully and by someone experienced or there is the possibility of healing problems. I would think that any PS who performs breast implant surgery regularly should be good. 

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