Is It Risky to Get Otoplasty 6 Months Before a Jaw Surgery?

Hi I have heard you can get problems with your sinuses and nasal septum when you get jaw surgery.... Would that be a problem if your rhinoplasty was 2 years ago? And if you get an otoplasty 6 months before the jaw surgery? Thank you

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Otoplasty before jaw surgery

no, your fine. Just make sure the surgeon and staff preparing you for jaw surgery are aware of your recent surgery and treat your ears with care when preparations are made and positioning is performed. That's really about it. I don't think your rhinoplasty comes into play here except potentially a change in the proportions of your face with a change of your jaw with respect ear nose.

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Is It Risky to Get Otoplasty 6 Months Before a Jaw Surgery?

Otoplasty can be safely performed 6 months prior to your jaw procedure. This will not interfere with the jaw advancement. Further, your ears should be fully healed and the jaw procedure will not cause any harm to your otoplasty results. I hope this information is helpful.

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